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What Is The Incidence Of Vitiligo Disease Groups

Vitiligo,Vitiligo CausesVitiligo is a smooth skin white spot disease, the patient's skin is mainly to white patches as the main form of expression, to patients caused by the impact is very big also, also have a lot of patients with perennial suffering from vitiligo troubled. So what is the incidence of vitiligo disease groups ? For the prevention of vitiligo, we have an important role in the pathogenesis of vitiligo.

The incidence of vitiligo population are wide, it start from two-year-old to more than 60 year old old man , causes of disease and daily life is not the law of life has a relationship is very important. If the skin does not pay attention to sunscreen, will cause excessive ultraviolet irradiation in the skin, a long time will make the skin pigmentation excessive loss, increase the possibility of illness. Especially for men and children, often do not pay attention to the protection of the skin, the skin protection consciousness are relatively shallow.

The causes of vitiligo with the patient's diet also has many relationships, the pace of life is a fast, diet is often a to fast food is given priority to, also do not pay attention to food quality, nutrition is not complete, time grew to be able to enable the human body, the lack of certain substances, like trace elements zinc, copper, iron, etc., the formation of these substances and melanoma cells are closely related. Food can be in the daily diet eat animal liver, beans, eggs, this can not only improve the content of melanin in the body, but also can improve the body's resistance, to avoid suffering the violation of other diseases.

However ,the Causes of vitiligo also associated with mental factors, if long time stress larger or is often do not pay attention to the emotional, often get angry, long time of depression, or by the spirit of a larger stimulus will lead to nerve endings in the human body to produce some harmful substance, this substance will stimulate the body's melanin cells caused by vitiligo.

What are the pathogenesis of vitiligo disease crowd ? Vitiligo is not only wide range of incidence of population, and the onset of reason is more complex, we must more pay attention to in the life of these adverse factors for the stimulation of the skin, not only to do a good job in the prevention and correct treatment is also crucial.


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