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Etiology Of Nerve Vitiligo

Etiology Of Nerve VitiligoThe etiology of vitiligo disease in patients with nerve vitiligo have various symptom , and the disease will bring great harm to the health of patients, so for the sake of their own health, patients need timely to get a corresponding treatment for their own disease . There was a transverse myelitis patients lose feeling below the waist, waist in the face and upper body above the vitiligo. Can see nerve vitiligo is really harm is too big, so whats the etiology of nerve vitiligo ? In order to be able to help the majority of patients, the experts have given the following introduction to the corresponding introduction can help the majority of patients.

nerve vitiligo is one of the type of vitiligo , there are many causes of neurological vitiligo, mainly divided into the following aspects.

Etiology of nerve vitiligo : nerve type of vitiligo lesional skin is generally to the nerve segment distribution, some along the mouth has been spread to the lower jaw, and some from the corner to spread to the lower jaw, some of the lower jaw spread to the neck. Therefore, experts speculate that the mechanisms of neurological vitiligo may be due to nerve function damage.

Etiology theory of two local nerve vitiligo : some people think that nerve vitiligo occur in the partial nerve injury, it is because of a variety of local stimulation leads to nerve injury and disease.

Etiology theory of three peripheral nerve vitiligo : according to the findings of the study, norepinephrine, epinephrine and other effects are always melanin synthesis. So some people think that melanoma cells to produce melanin ability decline is due to cells surrounding the neurochemical is caused by the increased, thus affecting the sake of tyrosinase activity.

Patients think that because of the abnormal development of nervous system, norepinephrine, epinephrine and excessive secretion of melanin, melanin cell secretory function is inhibited and the incidence of.

On nerve vitiligo causes four plant nerve: a lot of patients with vitiligo will be accompanied by plant nerve function disorder, such as white spot at the sweat gland abnormal metabolism, especially with the hair white nerve in patients with vitiligo, in skin lesions rarely sweat, in addition, the study found, nerve vitiligo associated with alopecia areata and skin scratch disease ratio of relatively normal people, is relatively high.

Etiology theory of five mechanical stimulation of nerve vitiligo : it often has some friction or compression of the site is one of the predilection sites of vitiligo, such as lumbosacral, bras, belts, buttons, hernia care site, study says this may be related to these parts of the skin nerve by prolonged mechanical stimulation. Therefore, patients with vitiligo in the choice of clothing, should try to choose which loose fitting, wear less tight clothing, especially personal clothing.

Vitiligo can be cured, in the discovery of the disease must be treated early, during the treatment of diseases patients need according to the etiology of the disease, and the use of appropriate treatment for the corresponding treatment of patients disease.


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