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Factors Which Leads To The Spread Of Vitiligo

Factors Which Leads To The Spread Of VitiligoThere are quite a lot of patients with vitiligo have such doubt, what really triggers of vitiligo, for some patients, the white patches spread quickly, just in three days the white patches spreads into a large number and scales; but for some other patients, they have been suffering from vitiligo for a year, but the white patches area is still not spread, and initially it is the same as previous. Whats really influence it ?

The vitiligo experts have explained that the spread of vitiligo in medicine in fact and it is not conclusive, but according to a large number of clinical found that we can summarize some common factors of the spread of vitiligo, if you are suffering from vitiligo is the following, alert it then.

The following experts will explain to you what are the factors leading up to the spread of vitiligo?

1, the lack of trace elements to promote the growth of melanoma patients with vitiligo, its very easy to spread, the site of traumatic vitiligo white spots is not easy to spread. So patients need tp supplyment the some necessary trace elements which their body needs.

2, the irregular diet, partial eclipse or do not pay attention to diet will casue the incidence of the vitiligo patients need to pay attention to their dialy diet and make sure they are good for health.

3, during spring and summer season, it is more likely to spread vitiligo .becasue the tempretures in summer and spring are relatively high and the strong sun light will cause the skin lesion or truma , it will spread up the skin digmentation of white patches. So patients need to pay special attention to it. Try to avoid from sunlight. Protect their skin properly.

4, do some outdoor work often exposure to sunlight and frequent contact with toxic chemicals, it is very easy to casue the vitiligo spread.

5, the pressure of of psychology, or suffering from major trauma patients with vitiligo, it is also easy to spread white patches.

To sum up, it is relatively hard to cure the vitiligo from the root, but if vitiligo patients can change bad living habits, drink less, pay attention to adjust the mood, improve the ability to protect themselves and the number of white oatches relapses can be reduced, by mastering the law of their recurrence, reasonable regulation, and proper use of drugs and active treatment, the disease is can get relief, it can effectively reduce the rate of recurrence of vitiligo.


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