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Association Between Vitiligo And Hypopigmentation

Association Between Vitiligo And HypopigmentationAs we all know, the human skin is composed of dermis and subcutaneous tissue and skin appendages. Among them, the skin is divided into 5 layers from the inside to the outside as the basal layer, prickle cell layer and granular layer, the transparent layer and the cuticle. The 5 layer is composed of two cells, the bottom layer of basal keratinocytes and dendritic cell dendritic cells located in the epidermis. Dendritic cells have three kinds, one of them which is melanoma cells, melanoma cells can use tyrosine synthesis melanin under the effect of tyrosinase

The cause of Vitiligo is due to decrease or disappearance of tyrosinase activity in skin and hair follicle melanocytes within the skin lesions caused by bleaching.

The most obvious characteristic of vitiligo is the patient's skin with white spot, and the incidence of vitiligo is caused because of melanin depigmentation of the skin of patients with severe, especially when some patients got hypopigmentation spots, they just blindly think they are suffering from vitiligo. Its obviously wrong.

Here are the detailed difference between depigmentation and vitiligo:

1, there are a huge difference between vitiligo and depigmentation . In fact, we can not say hypopigmented spots has no any connection with vitiligo.

2,The probability of hypopigmentation spots 1/3 may be vitiligo. Hypopigmentation is among the three major types of vitiligo, albinism and inflammation after hypopigmentation.

3, the hypopigmented spot is not necessarily vitiligo, but patients will appear hypopigmented spots on their skin once they suffered from vitiligo. But , it depends, as we all know that there are other hypopigmentation, such as senile leukoplakia etc.

So lets have a look the pathogenesis of vitiligo, it will guide us to fugure out the main difference between vitiligo and hypopigmentation:

The pathogenesis of vitiligo are summarized as the following factors:

1, autoimmune factors

2, the spirit of the neural and chemical factors

3, melanoma cells self destruct factor

4, internal secretion factor

5, genetic and infectious factors

6, lack of tyrosine, copper ions relative factors

7, traditional Chinese medicine, the cause of vitiligo is mainly due to Qi and blood aspect, it refers to purfying the blood toxin and supplyment the Qi.


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