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What Causes The Mouth Vitiligo

What Causes The Mouth VitiligoIn recent,Vitiligo experts pointed out that vitiligo is mainly caused by the melanin depigmentation of skin lesions . Cause of vitiligo is complex and various, it can rarely to see the essence of it only by naked eye. So what causes the mouth vitiligo.

The symptoms of mouth vitiligo

1, vitiligo has obvious a ring or half ring slightly elevated dark red halo in the edge of the white spot decolorization . This so-called edge of the uplift of the white spot is a special manifestation of the early symptoms of vitiligo. Because this halo is inflammatory, sustainable for several weeks, once the halo disappears, the decolorization will be more obvious.

2, under the normal circumstances, the external symptoms of vitiligo are as following:

decreased skin color at the skin lesions, the color turns into white, gray white, milky white or porcelain white, generally ,there is no any conscious discomfort, a small number of cases feel itchings before the onset of vitiligo, there are also also some patients feel itchings in stable condition due to certain factors, ad then the white patches expand along with white patches, some individual patients grows white hair.

3,the mouth vitiligo was pure white, round or irregular depigmentation patches, with smooth surface, clear boundary, and edge pigmentation, the affected hair area can be normal, variable white. The disease is generally neither painful nor itching, if the white patches area get expand, espcially in the summer, there are some occasional burning sensation. White skin is more sensitive to sunlight than normal skin. This is the more common symptoms of mouth vitiligo.

Mouth vitiligo caused by following 5 main reasons:

1 irregular diet

Diet is an important factor of causing the mouth vitiligo, such as the partial eclipse picky anorexia, which makes vitiligo patients body intake inbalanced, it is extremely easy to enable trace elements in the scarce, lack of copper and zinc elements, which will lead to vitiligo in the mouth.

2 Genetic

Genetic is one of the important causes of mouth vitiligo. Vitiligo has a genetic risk, but the low genetic probability. Usually, heredity is a common function of other factors.

3 endocrine disorders

Endocrine disorders can easily cause damage to other parts of the body, such as endocrine disorders can cause the decrease of the synthesis of melanin cell function , which resulting in damage to the appearance of mouth vitiligo. Therefore, endocrine disorders is an important factor to cause the mouth vitiligo.

4 trauma

In daily life, it is inevitably to get the bumps, and trauma is caused by mouth vitiligo . Many people disagree with the injury, and that it is not a matter of minor injuries. As everyone knows, once trauma receives the injury stimulates the body will happen some stress response, which will affect the synthesis of melanin, causing mouth vitiligo

5 exposure

Many people like to take sun bath, but a lot of people do not know too much sun will cause damage to the skin. If patients take over sun exposure, the sun's ultraviolet rays will cause skin melanin function hyperfunction, leading to melanin to accelerate the decline. Therefore, it is also an important factor causing vitiligo mouth exposure. The mouth is often easy to ignore the people of the sun, the sun, some people will be exposed to the mouth of the white spots.

Warm tips: mouth vitiligo patients should not blindly get treatment, they should go to the regular professional vitiligo hospital to make a diagnosis, after clear pathogeny.


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