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How Does Localized Type Of Vitiligo Produced

How Does Localized Type Of Vitiligo ProducedAs we all known that the causes of vitiligo is complex, which including psychological and social factors, living habits, psychological trauma, mood swings, trauma factors can induce vitiligo. However, vitiligo is divided into localized, scattered, generalized and acral type, the causes of each type is not the same, then how does localized type of vitiligo produced?

It is generally believed that the causes of the localized type of vitiligo mainly have the following several points:

Vitiligo is a pigment disorder skin diseases, there is a certain genetic factors, before suffering from vitiligo, patients may appear immune system disorders, the immune system destruction of the generation of melanocytes, and appeared in the local depigmentation phenomenon, induced by trauma, sunburn and other external factors in the white spots appear.

Melanin self destruction is also one of the reason of lozalized type of vitiligo ,some vitiligo experts think that the immune system can produce a material which can kill the black pigment . And it would damage the other pigment cells.

Exposure to some strong irritant chemicals also cause localized type of vitiligo. Such as phenols and phenolic compounds can induce localized vitiligo white. There are some skin trauma will cause the generation and development of localized vitiligo.

The study shows that the generation of the localized type of vitiligo has the close connection with nerve, there are some theories that the immune system can produces avsubstance which can kill melanoma . Secondly, some people think that the melanoma self destruct, thus the expense of other pigment cells. The onset of localized type of vitiligo is mainly caused by their immune system disorders , the body's immune system to melanin as alien attack, which is based on hereditary.

In addition,the neurological factors is also one one the pathogenesis of the localized type of vitiligo

Often depressed and the over pressure can cuase the onset of vitiligo as well.


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