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The External Causes Of Vitiligo

The External Causes Of VitiligoThe pathogenesis of vitiligo is still unknown yet, but what clear is: the cause of the vitiligo is not a single, all factors can cause vitiligo. The factors that lead to vitiligo, a variety of factors, it can be included in a variety of external stimuli, as well as a variety of damage. Clinically, we often see many patients due to trauma caused by the wound skin becomes white or distant skin white, or body skin white broad change, or make the original white spot to expand, increase, the rapid development of the disease. Vitiligo is a skin disease that can spread to the whole body, so patients must pay special attention in this aspect .

Most of the vitiligo patients are due to daily life caused by trauma and trauma in our daily life is inevitable, the causes of trauma induced vitiligo is complex, some damage caused due to local trauma at the nerve fiber; some due to severe trauma to the machine body in a high stress , make the body's neuroendocrine system dysfunction. Therefore, in the daily life ,vitiligo patients have to pay attention to their skin protection in order to prevent trauma caused by the skin white or white spots to expand, increase. In recent years, through the research, the pathogenesis of vitiligo summed up for the following several aspects: the spirit of the nervous and chemical factors; autoimmune factors, melanoma cells self destruct factors, endocrine factors, tyrosine, copper ions, the relative lack of factors; genetic and infection factors.

With the development of the material, chemical industry is deveoping also more and more, and industrial pollution and agricultural pollution can also lead to vitiligo, vitiligo and environmental pollution is also a great relationship. From a large number of cases, it is not difficult to see that the incidence of rural areas is lower than that of the city, and the weak industrial area is lower than that in the developed area. From a known occupational disease: exposure to certain alkyl phenol compounds can also be induced vitiligo. There are water, air, vegetables, food and other pollution, but also from the cause of vitiligo. Therefore, to minimize contact with harmful substances, reduce exposure to chemical raw materials, paint coatings and other harmful substances, regular contact with the staff, to do a good job of labor protection measures. So as to effectively prevent the occurrence of vitiligo, not to aggravate the white spot. There should also pay attention to the diet of health and a reasonable diet, do not rule out the clinical factors that cause vitiligo.


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