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Is Vitiligo Contagious

Vitiligo Contagious,VitiligoVitiligo is a discoloration change due to local skin melanin metabolism disorder caused which has no other abnormal changes in addition to hypopigmentation. Therefore, vitiligo is not contagious. But why some people think it is an infectious disease, sometimes think it is same with leprosy? Because leprosy and some other infectious diseases may also have some similar kind of white patches on the skin same as vitiligo which mistake it is vitiligo. In fact, these depigmented macules of these infectious diseases appearied are somewhat different from the de-pigmentation of vitiligo patients. Leprosy patients not only with the symptom of de-pigmentation, but also with the symptom of abnormal sweating and vellus hair loss and other characteristics, and sometimes company with mental pain and limb deformities, while patients with vitiligo do not have these symptoms. In one word, vitiligo and leprosy are two different disease. There is no need for people to be afraid of patients with vitiligo. In daily life, they should enjoy the same treatment as the healthy people.

Infection is a parasitic process in the human body after a pathogen invades the human body, but also one process of interaction and struggle with each other. The main condition of infection is pathogens. Vitiligo is a discoloration change due to local skin melanin metabolism disorder and the vitiligo pathogenesis is very complex. There are many causes of this disease such as gene, immune function, endocrine and metabolism, melanocytes, mental stress, nerve’s regulation function, trauma, exposure to certain chemicals, UV irradiation of strong sunlight and other factors related to the pathogenesis of vitiligo. Due to the occurrence of vitiligo’s causative factors don’t due to infectious elements(bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, spirochetes, etc.), which don’t have a pathogen. It is a kind of disease which haven’t infection caused by many aspects of factors. For this reason without of infection, so vitiligo is a non-infection disease and have a direct touch or communication with vitiligo patients will have no harm to get this kind of disease. In the same time, there is no research show that the vitiligo have the expression of infection in domestic or international clinical researches and relative reports.


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