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Two Genes Are Related To Vitiligo

Two Genes Are Related To Vitiligo,VitiligoMany genes more than 30 genes associated with the vitiligo development. The two genes are NLRP1 and PTPN22

The NLRP1 gene has instructions for making a protein which is involved in immune system, helping to regulate the inflammation process. Inflammation appears when the immune system sends signaling molecules , white blood cells to a site of injury ,disease to fight microbial invaders and facilitate tissue repair. Then the body inhibits the inflammatory response to avoid damage to its tissues and own cells.

The PTPN22 gene has instruction of making a protein involved in signaling which helps control the activity of immune system cell named T cell. T cell identify foreign substance and defend the body to against infection.

We know about the two genes on the condition of vitiligo, so the kind of patients usually has a family medical history. So once you have the family history, the family member should also pay attention the prevention of the disease’s occur. For the risk of the disease, you should have a good health condition to do sports, less consumption of smoking and wine, try to avoid the intake of Vitamin C. The fruits rich of this kind of vitamin is usually sour.

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