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Can Vitiligo Increase Any Other Skin Cancer

Can Vitiligo Increase Any Other Skin Cancer Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition which characterized by couple of skin which lost their pigment. It mostly appears when skin pigment cells lack or are unable to produce.People with vitiligo lack pigment in their vitiligo patches. In addition,it also appears to be an increased risk of melanoma in vitiligo patients . However, there are not many facts which can stronly prove the non-melanoma as vitiligo triggers .

However, there is a recent research which shows that there was an increased incidence of non-melanoma skin cancer in vitiligo patients. But it hasn’t been fully proved yet.

The experts has proven that There is a close link between melanomas and non-melanoma skin cancer in vitligo patients, who take undergone light and PUVA .

Meanwhile, the vitiligo can also trigger the skin cancer, melanoma. The common link between vitiligo and some other skin cancer is still uncertain. People with vitiligo and with fair skin in general should do some exercise precautions it can greatly improve the situation of the vitiligo . Patient should use daily application moisturizer creams, i can soften the skin and make skin turns better condition.


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