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How Does Physical Exercise Cause The White Patches In Vitiligo

How Does Physical Exercise Cause The White Patches In VitiligoVitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, it treatment courses is quite long. There are many factors can induce vitiligo such as lack of trace elements, low immunity function, external injuries, over exposure to the sunlight and etc. Among these factors, low immunity function is the most common factor that induce vitiligo. So enhance immunity function is quite important for vitiligo patients, physical exericise is one of the way can enhance the immunity.

When it comes to the causes of the vitiligo, there probably exists couple of factors. But among there factors, there are two potential factors which indirectly cause the vitiligo,that is physical and emotional stress, according to the recent research, the physical and emotional stress can cause vitiligo and develop it to spread, some of the patients are suggested to do some regular exercise. Some people are doubt about the exercise whether they are helpful in improving their vitiligo.Now the experts has given a clear answer that it does not appear to be a vitiligo trigger.

However, the latest medical reasearch has showed that physical or emotional stress can trigger vitiligo or cause the depigmented patches to spread.


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