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Can Depression Make My Psoriasis Worse

Can Depression Make My Psoriasis WorseAs we all known that Psoriasis is a long-lasting autoimmune disease which is characterized by some of the abnormal skin patches. These skin patches are usually represents red, itchy, and scaly. Psoriasis can be vary from small and localized to entire body coverage.

When it comes to the triggers of the psoriasis, but there is a special trigger which can worse the psoriasis condition. That is deression or nagative emotion.Meanwhile, there are couple of studies have tried to evaluated depression in people with psoriasis. The results shows that there is a close link between psoriasis and the depression. The degree of itching is significantly correlated with depressed and bad mood. The bad appearence of the psoriasis have made people feel about their psoriasis results in avoidance of common social activities, especially in summer like outdoor sports and swimming, which can deprive them of the benefits of exercise and sun exposure.

In addition, doctor has figured out that the depression or negative emotion makes psoriasis worse through by direct and indirect suppression of the immune system.

In order to get a better treatment of psoriasis or get a huge improvement from psoriasis treatment , patients should always keep active mood and always be optimistic. Its good for psoriasis treatment as wella as their daily life and health.


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