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Can Vitiligo Cause Blindness

Can Vitiligo Cause Blindness,VitiligoVitiligo is caused by Pathological change of Melanin cells which and Melanin depigmentation.Like skin,eyes also contains Melanin cells, it will lead to relevent Pathological change as long as the eyes gets tired, its Pathological change induce , Limitations or diffusivity Decolorization and denaturalization of Choroidal retinal epithelium、maldistribution of Pigment spots or spots, pigment、eyeground present Leopard patchy、Optic atrophy、arteria retina gets narrow like spicules shape、nyctalopia ect. Inspite of Pathological changes of ocular region mostly are restricted to be around rather than getting close to cornea, thus, the Vitiligo commonly can not affect the eyesight, and blindness too.
But the ultraviolet treatment of Vitiligo probably can harm eyesight, it may cause Cataract if we pay less attention to the protection.So its necessary to protect the eyes properly when taking the ultraviolet treatment like wear the Goggles, it is strongly suggested to reduce the irradiation time when cure the around eyes with ultraviolet treatment.



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