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Why People With Vitiligo Are More Likely To Develop Skin Cancer

Why People With Vitiligo Are More Likely To Develop Skin CancerAs we all known that Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition which characterized by some parts of the skin losing their pigment. It happens when skin pigment cells lack or are unable to produce. Apart from couple cases of contact with certain chemicals, the cause of vitiligo is still unknown.Meanwhile, vitiligo can occurs among any people without gender and skin color difference, the recent medical studies has showed that vitamin treatment have offered a mixed results, there is also a mystery of what vitamins to take for vitiligo

The world medical research group have recently announced that People with vitiligo are more likely to develop skin cancer because their skin patches have lost the pigment, melanin which protects the skin against the destoryinh effects of UVA and UVB rays. Meanwhile, people with vitiligo are more sensitive to the sun than normal people. The current treatments for vitiligo may also increase the possibility of a person will get skin cancer.

However, as doctor said that not everyone with vitiligo will turns into skin cancer.But people with vitiligo should pay attention to how much sun exposure they get and try their best to protect themselves from sun light. Meanwhile it is also suggested that people with vitiligo should also see a skin disease doctor and opthamologist regularly to male sure that their skin and eyes continue to be healthy.

On the other hand, People with vitiligo are under risk of skin cancer if they keep receiving couple of relative treatments for their skin condition. Vitiligo can lead to the depigmentation of the body . Doctors may treat vitiligo with a combination of couple of medications and light therapy together. This combination may increase the risk of developing skin cancer. For more vitiligo informations, please consult our skin disease experts, they can help you to understand the benefits and risks of all treatments for vitiligo.


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