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While Vitiligo Is Related To Gender


Vitiligo, Vitiligo GenderGenerally speaking, there is no obvious distinction of incidence of vitiligo between men and women, that is ,the incidence of vitiligo between male and female is nearly same. We have made a 1020 cases about the onset age’s statistical analysis. Men in the age of 15-30 years accounted for 49.45% of all male patients with vitiligo, while the female in the age of 10-25 years accounted for 53.52% of all vitiligo patients, so women’s onset age five years earlier than men. The reason why female onset of vitiligo is earlier seems related to their earlier development and the series of changes occur in this period of endocrine.
If there is endocrine imbalance, it is easy to induce this disease. On the other hand, this stage need more nutrition, trace elements such as copper, but they failed to give proper supplement which can also affect the metabolism of melanin synthesis.


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