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The pathology analyze of vitiligo

The pathology analyze of vitiligo found the main reason for cause it is that body blood heat ,suffer the wind from the body ,suffer the humid ,rheumatism for the body ,leads to the disorder of qi and blood ,meridian obstruction ,blood does not honor skin ,stagnation of the circulation of vital energy ,chosure of pores ,then formation vitiligo .also the trauma easy cause the vitiligo ,sutton nervus is also easy cause the vitiligo for the the same pathology .the illness start with the white spot ,then spread into patches ,it happens any part of the body .affect the beauty of body . Its very hard to diagnosis and easy to ignore .usually the the external of the vitiligo shows up that ,the main shows up that white color in the illness site compared to the normally skin color it’s not so different ,the most of the reason as follows is not so obviously from the external , chosure of pores,its very smooth for the patients skin no pitch ,no scales ,there is white patches and no more .there is usually happens on the skin ,usually the vitiligo patients had the condition as follows :in the summer time hand and feet feels heat ,sleepy all time , hidrosis ,bad sleep condition , or under the work ,lifestyle ,study pressure ,and go through great misfortune or tribulation ,or long-term exposure to humid condition , or exposure under the sun for a long-term ,after sweat by the wind ,over limiting diet ,trauma ,forbidding the spicy food and so on ,various kinds of pollution is the main reason for the vitiligo at present ,it is not contagious at all,according to the clinical observation it is not heredity also ,most of the patients got the vitiligo from acquired disposition .most of the vitiligo patients usually occured to the surface ,neck,arms and legs ,waist and abdomen part and back full with the sweat glands area.spreading very during the spring and summer time .ordinary there is no itch and pain on the vitiligo site .but some of the vitiligo patients feels itch and pain on there site ,it means the vitiligo will be more expand from here and development ,vitiligo exist the incubation period ,within the temporarily development condition ,but it not means it will never happens afterwards. If the patient get a cough or stay in the bad mood ,stimulated by the external all the factors can lead to disorder of the visceral function, as the autoimmune decreasing ,the vitiligo condition will be more worse than before .

Most of the patients have non-consciousness to the initial stage of the vitiligo ,with the fluke psychology ,usually miss the right time for the treatment ,after the vitiligo site develop into large it will be long time for the treatment .especially the vitiligo has no fixed place .if the condition occur to the exposure part can be the factor for impacting the emotion and life for the patients ,if the condition developed into a full body vitiligo it will lead to hard sweat, disorder for the skin cell metabolism , inducing other skin disease .why the long -term treatment vitiligo makes patients feels so painful , the difficult illness for the doctor ,under the several generation medical scientists exploring and study ,there must be some knowledge for the disease ,the melanocyte are self-destructing ,runs into heredity ,neurochemistry ,autoimmunity ,etc physiology ,biochemistry ,immunity, accumulating huge data datum ,still need to be conclude and verify.

Public knowledge ,without the man reason for the vitiligo treatment ,-the right way to the illness , it is hard to be cured .but it not means can not be cured , during the long time medical practice , we gradually accumulating a lot of ways to treat vitiligo ,those ways already widely apply to the clinical ,also accepted by the patients ,we are here warning all the patients ,:do not drown a doctor at a straw . The reason for the vitiligo is very complexity ,including psychosocial factor ,lifestyle ,differ area ,climate and season etc mixed factors ,to find out the main reason for the vitiligo ,it will be significant meaning for the vitiligo treatment and precaution .first of all ,the industrial pollution ,industrial pollution is the most main reason for the vitiligo recently years ,industrial discharge untreated flue gas ,waste water ,and rapidly growth motor vehicle exhaust all contain a lot of harmful substance to the people’s body such as so2,strong acid , strong base ,lead ,arsenic , mercury,benzene, phenol ,etc chemical or heavy metal poisons damage the people’s body directly .recently years we found the a large amount of emissions ,fluorine kind of refrigerant broken up the ozone layer in the atmosphere ,leads to excessive ultraviolet ray hits the ground surface .that leads to the human body . All the factors as before are the highly reason for the skin disease.second of all :excessive agricultural pollution are from the chemistry ,such as insecticide ,fungicide or ripener and so on so the growth hormone stay in the animal’s body after killed ,have the bad influence to the body ,third : some of the food is not match the hygiene standards contain lots of the color agent , aseptic ,sweetener it can directly harmful to the children , but some of the researchers also found when the poison stuff absorbed it will restrain the activity of the enzyme stop the melanocyte synthesis. From the worldwide morbidity we can see that food and environment connected with the vitiligo ,highly population density and development country also have a highly morbidity , India has the top rate for the vitiligo , then china and japan, it is very lowly rate in the western country .fourth : internal secretion and immunity function disorder leads to pathogenic factor immune disorder ,endocrine function ,cause the melanocyte damage , attrition .under the highly pressure also the reason for the vitiligo .


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