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4 Inducing Factors Of Children Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a common acquired localized or generalized pigment loss skin disease. It’ caused by the melanocyte function disappear. But it’s mechanism still remain unclear. The vitiligo can occur in any part of the body, the common sites of vitiligo is back of fingers, writs, forearms, face, neck and around sexual organs.

There are four factors might induce children vitiligo.

1. Mental factors.

The children under 6 years old with small social contact range, only limited in home, with their aesthetic consciousness increasing and the people they contact, they are more sensitive to the people’s judgment around them, especially the appearance will directly influence their confidence and self esteems.

2. External injuries.

All physical, chemical or biological injuries all might cause the vitiligo patients with isomorphic reactions. The isomorphic reaction can promote the vitiligo expand, especially the vitiligo in the early stage. The white spots often appear in external injuries areas, the children vitiligo onset rate is obviously higher than the grow ups.

3. Diet.

There are many children with diet bias, unbalanced diet and etc. The rational diet includes all kinds of nutrition and contains much trace elements and vitamins. The rational diet is closely related with the health of the children. Unbalanced diet can induce or worse vitiligo.

4. Medication.

The vitamin C is one of the common medicines in the clinic, many used to supply the vitamin C shortage. It often used as the assistant medicine to prevent cold, as a antioxidant or treat other disease. It widely applied at present. The vitamin C can restore the dopaquinone into dopa and interrupt the melanin synthesis and decrease the copper ion absorption at the same time, it can decrease the serum copper oxidase activity and induce vitiligo, it also might worse the vitiligo if intake in the vitiligo treatment process.

What I mentioned above are the basic factors about the children vitiligo onset causes, wish it can help certain help to the children vitiligo patients.


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