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Which Factors Easy To Induce Vitiligo

We all know in recent years, the vitiligo onset rate is increasing year in and year out, some people still not know much about their vitiligo condition and receive the treatment blindly and cause their vitiligo worse. Which factors easy to induce vitiligo?

1. Agriculture pollution.

Over use the pesticides in the agriculture planting process, the poultry over intake the growth hormones, the residues of the growth hormone in the poultry after eat by us all might brought negative influence to their health and induce vitiligo.

2. Industry contamination.

The industry discharges also might contaminate the environment and cause the vitiligo onset rate obviously increase in these years. The unprocessed discharged waste gas and waste water and the increasing vehicles discharge the tail gas contains much harmful substances which cause the ozone layer destroyed and cause too much ultraviolet ray irradiated to the ground. Too much ultraviolet ray also a important factor to induce vitiligo.

3. Endocrine and immune function disorder.

There are some pathogenic factors can cause the immune function disorder, the endocrine unbalance and cause the anti melanocyte antibodies generated which cause the melanocyte damaged. The damaged melanocyte can release the antibodies to stimulate the body to generate more melanocyte antibodies which cause more melanocyte destroyed. All these form the vicious circle and cause their vitiligo developed further. The immune response inside their body is a quite complex physiological and pathological process. Besides long term mental pressures and trauma also might cause the neurohumor in their body unbalanced, cause their endocrine disorder and finally induce their vitiligo.

4. Lack of trace elements.

The trace elements are the active substances of the intermediate link participate into the metabolism of our body such as copper, zinc, iodine and etc. All these substances directly participate into the melanocyte synthesis. These trace elements also have the effects to protect the melanocyte avoid the damage of the heavy metal toxic substances. According to the medical research, the lack or disproportion of trace elements all might induce the melanocyte synthesis obstruction.

5. Mental factors.

The fast pace of modern life easy to make the people with heavy mental burden. Long term mental pressures and stress can cause the endocrine disorder in their body, make their immune function disorder and finally induce vitiligo. Long term too much work stress and irregular life habits also one of the main factor cause our body under the overtired state.

These five factors I mentioned above all might induce vitiligo, so vitiligo patients had better receive the treatment earlier and pay enough attention to the daily health cares.


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