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5 Causes Of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a common pigment loss skin disease, it caused by the melanocyte function loss. The vitiligo can occur in any part of the body, in any ages. The symptoms of vitiligo is white spot. The vitiligo is quite harmful, it not only can damage the patient’s appearance, it also will brought much influence to many aspects of their daily life. What about the causes of vitiligo?

1. External injuries.

The external injuries can induce vitiligo. The external injuries not only easy to induce the part of the skin with white spots, it also easy to cause the vitiligo far away from the vitiligo sites. It related with the external injuries cause the melanocyte damaged and cause their immunity function disorder.

2. Over exposure to the intense sunlight.

The vitiligo patients over exposure to the sunlight and get some sunburns will induce vitiligo. The vitiligo easy appear in the exposure areas or the areas with deeper color. The long term exposure to the sunlight easy to make the ultraviolet ray in the sunlight activate the melanocyte in the skin tissues and damage the melanocyte.

3. Improper diet.

In the daily life, improper diet might induce the vitiligo. Too much VC also will inhibit the dopa oxidation and restore the formed melanin in the skin into colorless substances and decrease the melanin formation. The trace elements is the most important substance for the melanin synthesis.

4. Mental pressures.

Too much mental pressures might induce vitiligo. In the daily life there are many unexpected events such as car crashes, economic factors, family dispute and etc all might induce vitiligo.

5. Genetic factors.

The genetic factors also might induce vitiligo. But not all the people with vitiligo background will get vitiligo, under the internal and external factors influence, the vitiligo might induced.

These five factors I mentioned above are the common inducing factors of vitiligo, wish it can help you better.


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