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Vitiligo Causes And Health Cares

health cares for vitiligo patientsvitiligo is a common skin disease and it’s onset rate is increasing in recent years.

There are several factors might easy to induce vitiligo.

1. Mental factors.

The mental factor is a very common inducing factor of vitiligo. According to statistics, there are about 35% vitiligo patients suffered from mental trauma, over thoughts, anxious, insomnia and other over stress conditions. Part of the patient’s vitiligo condition worsen because of mental factors.

2. Diet inducing factor.

There are some cases about over eating seafood and drink wine will induce or worse vitiligo. It might related with the wine can damage the nerve endocrine function and damage the liver, influence the protein and zinc absorption and synthesis. As for the seafood, over eating seafood might cause the allergic response and cause the immunity function disorder.

Over intake vitamin C. The vitamin C is a restoring agent, it can participate into the tyrosine metabolism and inhibit the dopa oxidation, it also can restore the formed melanin in the skin changed into colorless substances and decrease their melanin.

Over intake the foods rich in phenol substances. The phenol and phenol compounds have cytotoxicity effect for the melanocyte.

3. Irregular life habits.

The vitiligo onset and expand related with the irregular life habits. There are some vitiligo patients participate into the work with night shift or with colorful night life. All these have certain influence to their vitiligo onset and expand.

Of course the factors might induce or worse vitiligo are more than what I mentioned above. Vitiligo patients had better do a good health cares in all aspects. There are some health cares for vitiligo.

1. Skin cares.

Vitiligo patients had better try to avoid their skin damage.

There are some whitening make up produces vitiligo patients had better decrease or avoid using. Vitiligo patients also need avoid over exposure to the sunlight especially in the noon.

2. Enhance physical exercise.

Many vitiligo patients have immune problems, vitiligo patients had better enhance their exercise to increase their immunity function.

These is the gist of the vitiligo causes and health cares introduction, wish all vitiligo patients a speedy recovery.


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