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6 Inducing Factors For Vitiligo

6 inducing factors for vitiligoVitiligo is a chronic stubborn skin disease, it’s easy to diagnose but hard to treat. There are 5 factors easy induce vitiligo according to the clinical observation.

1. Industrial pollution.

The industrial pollution is one of the causes of the vitiligo onset rate in recent years. The unprocessed waste water and gas which discharged by the industrial production and the automobile exhaust contains much substances harmful to our body. All these factors are the causes of vitiligo onset rate increase.

2. Agricultural pollution.

The chemical substances such as pesticides and bactericides used during the farming process, feed the poultry with growth hormones, the residues of these substances are adverse to human after they eat this kind of poultry.

3. Endocrine and immunity disorder.

Some pathogenic factors cause the immunity function disorder, endocrine function unbalance which cause the anti melanocyte antibodies generated and damage their melanocyte. This cause the vitiligo expand. The immunity response process in our body is a complex physiological and pathological process. Besides the long term mental pressure, mental trauma all might cause their endocrine system disorder.

4. Lack of trace elements.

The trace elements are the activity substances participates into the body metabolism. These substances includes copper, zinc, iodine and etc. These substances directly participate into the melanocyte synthesis, it also have the function to protect the melanocyte avoid damaged by the heavy mental toxic substances. According to the research, the lack of trace elements and trace elements proportion disorder all might cause their melanocyte synthesis obstruction.

5. Genetic factors.

According to the clinical observation, there are some vitiligo cases related with the genetic factor, but all these will not influence the vitiligo treatment.

6. External injuries.

The burns, scorch, mosquito biting and etc all might induce vitiligo expand.

All these factors might induce vitiligo, the summer is the high season of vitiligo onset and expand, so vitiligo patients should take good care of their vitiligo in summer.


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