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Onset Causes Of Vitiligo

vitiligo onset causesVitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, there are many researches about the vitiligo onset causes in recent years. According to the clinical observation, we found the vitiligo onset related with the 7 factors I will list in the below. In this article, I mainly want to talk about the vitiligo onset causes and healthy diet for vitiligo, find out the true causes of vitiligo can help vitiligo treatment, the healthy diet have some improvement for vitiligo treatment.

Onset causes of vitiligo.

1. Nerve factor.

There are some vitiligo patients got vitiligo after suffered from the environmental stimulation or mental trauma. If the vitiligo patients with unstable mental state, feel anxious, anxiety, can not control their temper, suffered from impression and etc. All these can cause the physiological and biochemical response disorder, that will trigger or worsen their vitiligo.

2. External injuries.

If the vitiligo patients got vitiligo and damaged their dermis or tissues, it quite easy for them to got vitiligo. There are some vitiligo patients got external injuries and cause the isomorphic reaction which lead their vitiligo expand in large areas.

3. Genetic factors.

There are about 20% vitiligo patients have vitiligo background according to the survey. That improve vitiligo have certain relationship with the genetic factors.

4. Autoimmunity diseases.

Many vitiligo patients got autoimmunity diseases such as diabetes, thyroid disease, psoriasis or etc and vise versa.

5. Melanocyte self destruction factor.

The vitiligo is a depigmentation skin disease caused by the melanocyte decreased or apoptosis. So many people holds that vitiligo related with the melanocyte self destruction.

6. The relatively lack of tyrosine and copper ion.

We found many vitiligo patients lack of tyrosine and copper ion in their body, the tyrosine and copper ion are very important in the melanin synthesis process.

7. Micro circulation disturbance factor.

The vitiligo patients have micro circulation disturbance and cause the nutrition hard to transport to all parts of their skin, which causes their melanocyte hard to grow and develop normal and cause their skin loss color got vitiligo.

These 7 factors related with vitiligo, vitiligo patients had better find out the true causes of their vitiligo, it can help the doctor make treatment plan for them.


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