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5 Factors Easy To Worse Vitiligo

five factors easy to worse vitiligoVitiligo is an acquired depigmentation stubborn skin disease. It’s presentation symptoms in the skin are white spots or white patches. There are four factors can worsen vitiligo, the patients needs pay attention to these factors.

1. Climate and seasons.

Pay for the vitiligo patient’s vitiligo will worsen in late spring and early summer while lighter in winter, that because in the late spring and early summer, their blood circulation faster while the qi and blood circulation is poor in vitiligo sites, that can cause their skin lesion area expand or have new vitiligo generated.

2. Lack of trace elements.

First vitiligo caused by the endocrine and immunity function disorder. Some pathogenic factors like chemical substances and heavy metal toxic materials can cause the immunity function disorder and their endocrine function unbalanced which cause the anti melanocyte antibodies generated, this substance can damage the melanocyte and cause vitiligo onset.

The damaged melanocyte can release the antibodies to stimulate the body generate more anti melanocyte antibodies which in turn can damage more melanocyte which form a vicious circle cause the vitiligo develop further.

3. Mental problems.

Long term mental pressures, mental trauma also easy to cause the neurohumor disorder, the endocrine disorder and finally cause the disease.

4. Misuse the medicines for their vitiligo.

Many vitiligo patients holds that use some creams and ointments can cure their vitiligo. In fact, these creams and ointments contains large dosage of hormones, some creams and ointments might have quicker treatment effects for vitiligo, but their vitiligo quite easy to recurrent or even worsen if they stop using these medicines, besides the side effects of these medicines also very large, only use the external medicines to treat vitiligo is just like robe the Poter to pay Paul.

5. Not receive the regular treatments earlier.

Many vitiligo Patients not pay much attention to receive the regular treatment, since their vitiligo on early stage symptoms are not very obvious, have no much damage to their appearance, after their vitiligo developed into the late stage, they start to worried and desperately want to find a cure for their vitiligo, but their vitiligo conditions is very serious, so it’s very hard for them to get good treatment effects, many vitiligo patients lost their heart and holds that vitiligo is an incurable disease.

These factors are quite easy cause their vitiligo worsen, vitiligo patients should go to the regular specialist vitiligo hospital to receive the treatment earlier.


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