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What Factors Can Causes Vitiligo Worsen

what causes vitiligo worsenVitiligo is a depigmentation skin disease, part of the skin lost the color and present in white patches. That caused by the tyrosinase activity in the melanocyte decreased or apoptosis and cause the lesions in the epidermis. Vitiligo can happen in every groups, generally the people with deep skin color with lower onset rate, the person with light skin color with higher onset rate. What causes of vitiligo worsen?

1. Climate and seasons.

Part of the patient’s vitiligo worsen in the late of the spring and early summer and lighter in the winter. That because in the spring and summer, the air temperature is higher and full of sunshine, the blood circulation in the body will accelerate, part of the vitiligo sites with bad qi and blood circulation and cause their vitiligo skin lesion area expand and have new vitiligo appear.

2. Lack of trace elements.

The endocrine and immune function disorder, some pathogenic factors such as chemical and heavy metal toxic substances will cause the body immunity function disorder and the endocrine function lost the balance, the antibodies of anti melanocyte generated and cause the melanocyte damaged and lost which finally cause vitiligo worsen.

There is another point, lack of trace element also is one of the factor can worsen vitiligo. Trace elements is the active substances can participate into the metabolism of our body. The copper, zinc, iodine and etc can directly participate into the melanocyte synthesis and have the effect to protect the melanocyte free from the damage of the heavy metal toxic substances.

3. Intake too much vitamin C.

The vitamin C can damage the melanocyte synthesis and finally cause the vitiligo lesions from many aspects. Vitiligo patients should avoid intake too much vitamin C. Intake too much vitamin C can worsen their vitiligo. Because the vitamin C is a reducing agent, it can reduce the formed melanocyte into colorless substances.

4. Blindly take medicines.

Part of the patients desperately want to find a cure for their vitiligo, if they blindly take some medicines with strong stimulating effects, it not only can not cure their vitiligo, it even will worsen their vitiligo and increase the clinical treatment difficulty. So vitiligo patients can not blindly take medicines.

These factors can worsen the vitiligo, the vitiligo patients should avoid these factors.


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