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Causes Of Vitiligo In Summer

causes of vitiligo in summerWe all know that summer is the high season of vitiligo. Vitiligo is a one of a high incidence skin diseases in the world. It have certain difficulty to treat this disease. In the following part, I’d like to send you some introductions about the causes of vitiligo in summer.

First is the intense ultraviolet irradiation in summer.

Ultraviolet ray have great damage to the skin, it can cause the melanocyte apoptosis in the summer and cause the vitiligo onset. So vitiligo patients should take measures to prevent the ultraviolet ray in the summer.

second cause is the Unreasonable diet in summer.

Hot summer often make the vitiligo patients appetite decrease. That caused by the body digestive enzyme activity decrease and cause the patient’s digestive system function decrease. Unreasonable diet can cause the patient’s immunity function decreased and cause vitiligo.

Third is the nvironmental changes.

Summer is also a high season for the bacterium and virus mass propagation, it quite easy to induce the pathogenic factors of vitiligo and cause vitiligo onset. The increase of mosquitoes in the summer also will increase the chance of mosquito bitten, it also one of the factors of vitiligo can cause vitiligo on summer.

Heat stoke in summer is another factor can cause vitiligo. High temperature in summer easy cause our body profuse sweating, cause our chest distress and breath short, all these are easy make us got heat stoke, meanwhile high temperature easy to make us loss the trace elements, electrolytes. The inorganic salt and other substances in the sweat also can stimulate the skin, all these factors combined together can cause vitiligo onset.

All these cause the summer become the high season of vitiligo onset and expand.


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