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7 Causes Of Vitiligo

7 causes of vitiligoVitiligo is a primary localized or generalized depigmentation skin disease. It caused by the living environment of melanocyte damaged. What causes the melanocyte living environment damaged? In the following part, let’s listen to the vitiligo specialist from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital make a brief introduction for you. There are about 7 causes of vitiligo in clinic.

Vitiligo mainly caused by the melanocyte decreased or apoptosis. What cause the melanocyte decrease or apoptosis? The tyrosinase system function decreased in the melanocyte cause the skin lack of melanocyte and induce vitiligo. Although vitiligo hard to influence the patient’s health and have no itch and pain feelings, it it often appear in exposure areas and even will spread to whole body if it developed into a serious degree. Vitiligo both can damage the mental and physical health of vitiligo patients.

There are 7 causes of vitiligo in clinic.

1. Mental pressure.

Many vitiligo patients got vitiligo because of mental trauma. The external stimulus and mental trauma all can cause the disorder of our physiological and biochemical reaction disorder and induce or worsen their vitiligo. Some people think the vitiligo is a mental and physical disease.

2. Immunity problem.

Many specialists holds that vitiligo is a autoimmunity disease, it might related with the thyroid disease.

3. Melanocyte self destruction cause vitiligo.

4. The relatively lack of tyrosine and copper ion.

5. Genetic factors.

Some people holds that vitiligo related with the genetic factor. Because the onset rate of vitiligo is higher among the people with vitiligo background. The genetic factor combined with external stimulus are easy to cause vitiligo.

6. External injuries.

If the dermis of the skin damaged, it’s quite easy to cause the melanin loss or apoptosis in some parts of the skin and cause vitiligo.

7. Micro circulation obstruction.

Micro circulation obstruction disorder will make the nutrition hard to transport to the skin and make the melanocyte can not growth properly and make the skin loss the color.

All these factors all can induce vitiligo. Find out the true causes of vitiligo are quite good for their vitiligo treatment.


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