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What Causes Vitiligo To Spread Quickly

what causes vitiligo spread quicklyWhat causes vitiligo to spread? We all know vitiligo is a quite complex skin disease, it’s damage to our skin is quite serious. The specialists from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital told us that the vitiligo is not only a quite common skin disease, it’s causes are also quite complex, it’s an acquired localized or generalized depigmentation skin disease. Vitiligo is not only damage the patient’s appearance, although vitiligo is easy to diagnose but quite difficult to treat, many patient’s vitiligo spread very quickly because of improper treatment. What causes vitiligo to quickly spread?

First, the vitiligo patients lack of trace elements to promote the melanin pigment growth. It’s quite easy to spread quickly.

Second, the diet is irregular. If the patients not pay enough attention to their diet, their vitiligo is quite easy to spread.

Third is the high seasons of vitiligo onset and spread are in spring and summer.

Fourth is some workers work in outside often expose to the intense sunlight and some patients often directly contact with some chemical products, their vitiligo is quite easy to spread.

Fifths is too much mental pressures or suffer from huge traumatic injuries, these patient’s vitiligo also easy to spread.

Sixth is lack of proper treatment, not every country have specialist vitiligo hospital, many vitiligo patients blindly apply some creams to treat their vitiligo without under the doctor’s instruction or delayed their vitiligo treatment because of the early symptoms of vitiligo is not quite obvious and easy to be neglect by the vitiligo patients.

Vitiligo patients should receive the proper treatments and pay enough attentions for their health cares at the same time. If you have any question about what causes vitiligo to spread, welcome mail to


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