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Trace Elements And Skin Pigmentation

Trace Elements And Skin PigmentationAs we all known,there are 50 or more trace elements which existing in human being’s body such as K,Ca,Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zinc, but among these trace elements, there is one specific trace elements called zinc ,it offers the most interesting prospects in its relation with melanin. Hyperpigmented skin lesions have been reported in patients with abnormalities of trace element metabolism, such as Wilson's disease and hemochromatosis. Although high serum copper levels are found in a seris of hyperpigmentary conditions such as xeroderma pigmentosum and melanosis with pregnancy or the intake of oral contraceptives, many other conditions with hypercupremia are may not associated with pigmentary changes. But in a recent study of vitiligo, there was no evidence of copper deficiency in either skin or serum, while serum zinc levels were significantly reduced.

However, when it comes to the side-effect or risk of trace elements in vitiligo, any speculation of trace elements in vitiligo would have to consider as the structural defect which underlies the absence of melanin. Meanwhile, the medical research has proved a fact that the heavy metals can also produce skin discolouration in various ways. As for the melanosis, it has been associated with the over use of medicaments which containing heavy metals like arsenic, bismuth, gold or silver. In these cases, there is an increase in melanin within the basic cell layer and in skin melanophages. Hyperpigmentation resulting from the use of mercury in some cosmetic creams is probably more common than what we have been assumed.

In addition, The particles of the metal itself may also contribute to the colour of skin and it can often be directly demonstrated in sections. The use of EDTA in skin complications following gold therapy has been advocated by Bureau, as the perspective of the renewed interest shown by rheumatologists in instructing this heavy metal. The doctors and researchers also suggest that gold can be kept by skin for a relatively length of time which following its own rules,therefore it can help patients to diminish the ability of excreting gold and coordinate the propotion between trace elements and eventually control the condition of vitiligo .


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