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3 Major Inducing Factors Of Vitiligo

3 major causes of vitiligoWe all familiar with vitiligo this disease, it is a common skin disease in our daily life. It’s symptoms white spots seriously damaged the patient’s appearance. Some vitiligo patients even will suffer from discrimination and have great influence to their social contacts and brought great mental pressures to vitiligo patients. There are 3 major inducing factors of vitiligo.

1. Lack of trace elements and low immunity.

Trace elements like zinc, copper, iodine and etc will participate into the metabolism of our body, some trace elements necessary for the melanocyte synthesis lack will induce vitiligo. Because the trace elements can avoid the toxic substances damage their pigment cells. If the lack or disproportion of these trace elements in their body will cause the pigment synthesis destruction.

Anti melanocyte antibody produced by the endocrine function disorder, it can not recognize the autologous pigment cells and cause the antigens and antibodies produce immune reaction and cause the pigment cell damaged and finally form the white patches in their skin.

2. Genetic factors.

According to the research, we found the vitiligo with genetic factors and even will have the atavistic phenomenon. So even the vitiligo patient’s parents don’t have vitiligo, but if any family member in their parents exist vitiligo history background, this patient’s vitiligo have great chance caused by the genetic factors.

3. External injuries, external stimulating to the skin.

Some burns, frostbites, surgeries and other external injuries will cause the melanocyte damage and cause part of the skin become white and even will induce the white patches far away from their original vitiligo sites. So vitiligo patients should properly handle their wounds if they got vitiligo, because the stress changes of their body, neurochemical factors or immunity disorder will cause generalized or sporadic vitiligo. Some external skin stimulus like frictions, pressures, scratches and etc also will induce vitiligo. Such as some patients wear glasses will got vitiligo in the nose bridges and around ears. These mainly induce the melanocyte damage and if the patients let it go, it will induce their immunity function disorder and cause vitiligo in other parts.

Vitiligo patients should treat their vitiligo as sooner as possible once diagnosed it. If you have any question about the causes of vitiligo, welcome contact with me while my whatsapp 008613041204346.


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