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4 Inducing Factors Of Vitiligo

4 inducing factors of vitiligoVitiligo is a common stubborn skin diseases in our daily life. Vitiligo patients caused by the melanocyte function losses.

There are 4 factors can cause vitiligo. The vitiligo specialists come from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital will make a brief introduction in the following part.

1. Industrial pollution.

Industrial pollution is one of the causes of vitiligo onset rate rising in these years. We found the industrial pollution gas destroyed the ozone layer in the atmosphere and cause large amount of the ultraviolet ray penetrated into the ground and cause damage to our skin and induce vitiligo.

2. Over eating too much unhealthy foods.

Many foods does not meet health standards contains large amount of chemical addictive such as dyeing agent, preservatives, sweetening agent and etc. When these substances absorbed by our body, it will prohibit the melanocyte synthesis and will further induce vitiligo development.

3. Endocrine and immune function disorder.

Some chemical substances and heavy metal toxic substances will cause the body immunity function disorder and cause the endocrine function disorder which will produce the melanocyte antibodies, cause the melanocyte damage or loss and induce vitiligo onset.

4. Lack of trace elements.

The trace elements lack or disproportion will cause the melanocyte synthesis obstruction. The trace elements not only directly participate in the melanocyte synthesis, it also can protect the melanocyte avoid the damage of the heavy metal damage. So to prevent the vitiligo onset, the patients should pay attention to supply the trace elements in their body and balance the nutrition in their body.

Wish I mentioned above can help the vitiligo patients learn more about vitiligo causes and help them treat their vitiligo. If you have any question about vitiligo, welcome mail to


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