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Causes Of Recurrence Of Vitiligo

causes of recurrence of vitiligoVitiligo is a high occurrence skin disease, it hard to cure, even it cured, the recurrent rate of vitiligo is also quite high. There are many causes of recurrence of vitiligo, it most common cause is the unhealthy daily habits. For vitiligo treatment, prevent it recurrence is quite important. Learn more about the causes of recurrence of vitiligo is very important for vitiligo patients and their family members. There are several causes about the recurrence of vitiligo in the below.

First is the bad mental state and overtired. If the vitiligo patients with an irregular diet and rest, it will cause their vitiligo repeatedly recurrent. Proper diet can play an important role in the vitiligo rehabilitation period.

The vitiligo patients should avoid eating or eating less stimulating or contain too much vitamin C foods. When taking the medicines, they should avoid cause other lesions such as cause cold, fever or other lesions. It will decrease their autoimmunity. If the vitiligo patients accompany with other diseases, their other diseases should be treated at the same time with the vitiligo to make their vitiligo onset time trail off and make their vitiligo have a speedy recovery.

Vitiligo is a depigmentation chronic skin disease, many vitiligo patients not master a full knowledge of vitiligo causes, there are many errors in their treatment process, on the early stage of their vitiligo, the symptoms is not quite obvious and make their delayed their vitiligo, there are also many diseases similar with vitiligo, they don’t think it much until their vitiligo developed into the late stage they then adopt the treatments, it also make their vitiligo easy to recurrent.

Some vitiligo patients don’t follow the doctor’s advise and intermittently take the medicines. Some vitiligo patients saw some improvement of their vitiligo and stopped their treatment, this also easy to make their vitiligo recurrent.

Vitiligo patients should make this point clear that even their vitiligo recovered, they also should continue the consolidation treatment just as their treatment before for about one to two courses. Because even their vitiligo recovered, their immunity and many other organic functions were still in the weak state, many bacterium will enter into our body and our body in that time have no ability to resist these bacterium and cause their vitiligo recurrent again.

Vitiligo patients contact with chemical substances, suffer from external injuries, over exposure to the sunlight and etc also will cause their vitiligo recurrent.

So it is important for vitiligo patients to cultivate a good life habits in their daily. Vitiligo patients should continue the consolidation treatment after their vitiligo recovered to decrease their vitiligo recurrent rate. Only in that way, can their vitiligo recurrent rate will decreased. If you have any question about causes of recurrence of vitiligo, welcome mail to


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