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Does Unhealthy Emotions Will Induce Vitiligo

does unhealthy emotions will induce vitiligoThe doctor founds the vitiligo closely related with the unhealthy emotions during they study the etiology of vitiligo process. Most of patients burdened with worries, depressions, can not eat and sleep well or stay up whole night, suffer from nightmare and etc before their vitiligo onset. It in certain degree influenced their study, work and even love relationship. Some vitiligo patients even generated the idea of commit suicide. This emotional depression cause vitiligo have great influence to our health and metabolism. The female is even more obvious. Their are relative data shows that more than 74% female patients with vitiligo have obvious qi stagnation symptoms. They will have different degrees of dysmenorrhea, breast lumps and irregular menstruation.

What about the relations between the unhealthy emotions and the vitiligo?

First is the indirectly factors.

Their are many factors can induce vitiligo and add unhealthy emotions, if the people long term with the unhealthy emotions, their vitiligo onset rate is higher than others. It will make their vitiligo expand and cause great burden to them.

Second is the emotional changes.

During the vitiligo treatment process, we found the emotional changes directly related with the vitiligo onset. Most of the vitiligo patients have unhealthy emotions such as depression, pessimism and etc. These unhealthy emotions seriously damaged the vitiligo patients in their work, study, social contact and etc.

Third is the unhealthy emotions make the female more easy to get vitiligo.

Unhealthy emotions have great damage to the female. The female under the nervous state easy to secrete too much adrenaline to cope with the emergency state while the adrenaline changed from the tyrosinase, the adrenaline synthesis and over secretion will definitely consume the tyrosine, it not only will influence the melanin synthesis but also adverse to the vitiligo treatment. If you have any question about vitiligo whether unhealthy emotions can induce vitiligo, welcome mail to


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