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How To Reduce Vitiligo Genetic Risk

how to reduce vitiligo genetic riskPatients with vitiligo how to reduce it’s genetic risk? We all know vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease and will damage our appearance. So many vitiligo patients worried about whether their vitiligo will pass down to their next generation if their vitiligo not cured completely or in timely and how to reduce it’s genetic risk?

Firs vitiligo patients need to cooperate with their doctor to treat their vitiligo. Vitiligo although have certain heredity tendency, it’s genetic rate is quite low. The best way for vitiligo patients to avoid vitiligo heredity is to treat their vitiligo under the professional doctor, after their vitiligo cured, they can consider to give birth to a child. It can effectively reduce the vitiligo genetic risk.

Second is the vitiligo patients should avoid marry with someone also have vitiligo. If both the parents have vitiligo, their kids vitiligo genetic risk is much higher than only one of their parent have vitiligo. So vitiligo patients should pay attention to this point.

Third is vitiligo patients should avoid giving birth to a child during the vitiligo onset stage. The body systems of the patients in their vitiligo onset stage is still not stable and need to receive some treatments and orally take some medicines, it will influence their kid’s development directly or indirectly. So we suggest the young parents had better consider to give birth to their kids after their vitiligo cured.

Fourth is the kids should receive good health cares with vitiligo genetic background. Generally speaking, the vitiligo will onset under the genetic factors and environmental factors joint action. So the kids with vitiligo genetic background should pay attention to health cares and avoid over exposure to the sunlight, avoid external injuries and etc.

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