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Does Exposure To Sunlight Will Induce Vitiligo

Does sunlight exposure can induce vitiligoDoes exposure to sunlight will induce vitiligo? A large amount of clinical data shows that the vitiligo onset sites are the skin exposure areas. There are about 95% vitiligo onset related with the seasonal factors, especially in the late spring and early summer this period is quite easy to get vitiligo or have new vitiligo appear. Among these, about 7% of vitiligo caused by the exposure to the sunlight.

There are several factors can account this.

One is after exposure to the sunlight, the melanocyte hyperfunction, it’s tyrosinase and intermittent substances of dopa oxidation was destroyed. The intermittent substance is a very important protective mechanism, once this protective mechanism consumed, the melanin have the chance to be destroyed.

Second is the intermittent substances that can synthesize the melanin over accumulated and damaged the melanocyte which finally induce vitiligo.

The light skin color people with light color melanosome. The size of melanosome is quite small, present in oval, it cluster together. That means several melanosome mixed together. The dark skin color people with dark melanosome, the size of the melanosome is quite large, it present in circular, distribute unilaterally that means the black body not mixed together.

Melanosome dissolve process in the keratinocyte is also different. The light skin color people most of their melanosome will acted by the enzyme in the keratinocyte. Among the dark color people, the black body in the keratinocyte is the last tract to degrade, that means dispersed in all layers of the epidermis and finally divided with the epidermis with the keratinocyte fall off.

The melanin synthesis metabolism is quite exuberant in the people with dark skin color. If it give the active factors like ultraviolet ray to it, the melanin synthesis and metabolism will very exuberant, it will accelerate the melanocyte consumption. Because the exuberant melanin metabolism, it’s intermediate products over accumulate will in turn kill the melanocyte and hinder the melanocyte synthesis and metabolism and finally induce the depigmentation symptoms in the skin.

So what I mentioned above are the causes of the exposure to sunlight can induce vitiligo. So the specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital suggest the vitiligo patients avoid exposure to the sunlight in the hot summer, eat less stimulating foods, seafood. Keep a good mind state and cultivate a good life habits.

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