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What Is Vitiligo Isomorphic Reaction

what is vitiligo isomorphic reactionWhat is vitiligo isomorphic reaction? What is isomorphic reaction? These two questions stumped many vitiligo patients.

Isomorphic reactions is a phenomenon induced after the normal skin damaged and trigger certain existed skin lesion. Vitiligo isomorphic reaction is after the skin suffered from inflammation or external injuries, the vitiligo start to onset or expand in part of their skin. Isomorphic reaction is the common clinical presentation, it also one of the inducements of the vitiligo.

Isomorphic reaction mostly appear in the vitiligo progressive stage. If the isomorphic reaction appear in the stable stage, it means their vitiligo will continue to develop. Most of the isomorphic reaction appear in the infectious areas in the skin suffered from external injuries and skin soft-tissues areas. Isomorphic reaction will appear one month after their skin damaged, but it will appear only after their cell basal layer or dermis damaged will induce isomorphic reaction. If only damage the cuticle, generally will not induce isomorphic reaction.

Isomorphic reaction occur might related with the melanocyte damaged in the basal layer of the cell. In the wound healing process period, it can release some cell factors, free radicals, lymphocytic infiltration, cytotoxic substances generated by the germs in the wound make abnormal melanocyte still have function easy to be damaged. Vitiligo isomorphic reaction belongs to immune phenomenon.

According to the research data shows that the external use medicine stimulation, all kinds of skin inflammatory factors, drug dermatitis, nervous dermatitis, eczema, urticartia, local skin infections, surgeries, friction pressures all can worsen the vitiligo. Vitiligo patients need pay special attention to these factors and try to avoid these factors in their daily life.

The critical to prevent vitiligo isomorphic reaction is to avoid the skin damage. Skin damage is the necessary condition for the vitiligo isomorphic reaction occurred especially in the vitiligo progressive stage.

After appear the isomorphic reactions, the vitiligo patients should avoid adopt the medicines with strong stimulating effects, photochemical therapy, autologous epidermal grafting surgery and etc to treat their vitiligo. If you have any question about what is vitiligo isomorphic reaction, welcome mail to


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