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Does Vitiligo Related With Body Immune Function

does vitiligo related with body immune functionDoes vitiligo related with body immune function? Immune mechanism play a very important role in the vitiligo onset process.

There are some vitiligo patients accompany with other autoimmune diseases such as thyroid disease, connective tissue disease, immune multiple glandular syndrome and other autoimmune abnormal diseases. We also found tyrosinase antibodies in the serum of part of the vitiligo patients, it proved that the cell immune abnormal reaction participated in the vitiligo onset process.

With the deepening of research and development of immunology, the relationship between the body immune function and the vitiligo arouse great attentions of the people. The relationship between the vitiligo and boy immune function have five five clinical presentations in the following part.

1. For these symmetrically bulge edge vitiligo and the edge of progressive vitiligo, we can found there are lymphocyte and mononuclear cell infiltration in the vitiligo sites after do the tissue biopsy test. These two cells all related with the immune function.

2. Some one test the blood of vitiligo patients found there are anti melanocyte antibody or other immunological index changes.

3. The rate of vitiligo patients accompany with autoimmune diseases such as lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis is higher than normal people or vice versa.

4. Vitiligo patients isomorphic rate is higher than the normal people. Among the 904 vitiligo patients, there are about 127 vitiligo patients got isomorphic reaction induced by many factors and worsen their vitiligo. At present, the medical field think isomorphic reaction belongs to a autoimmunity phenomenon.

5. Corticosteroid have treatment effects to most of the vitiligo patients, after the vitiligo get improvement and finally disappeared, those abnormal immune index in our blood will improved or restore to the normal state.

From those factors I mentioned above proved that vitiligo related with the immune function. If you have any question about does vitiligo related with body immune function, you can talk with me via my whatsapp 0086 1304 1204 346.


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