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Physical Factors That Can Induce Vitiligo

physical factors that can induce vitiligoVitiligo is a melanocyte loss skin disease, many vitiligo patients still don’t know much about the inducements about vitiligo. I this article, I will talk about some physical factors that can induce vitiligo.

Skin is the largest organ in our body, may skin diseases related with the skin directly contact with the external environment. No matter is the physical factors or chemical factors, all play a role that can not ignored. Moreover, we concluded the physical factors that can induce and worsen vitiligo into three factors.

One is sunlight. Over exposure to the sunlight can cause the melanocyte over function and cause it consume and deplete early. The melanin generation is too much, the intermittent substances accumulated will cause the vitiligo damage or apoptosis. But what need to note is there are some vitiligo patients worry about the sunlight will worsen vitiligo, long term avoid the sunlight is also not good for the vitiligo condition. What I need to mention is the proper sunlight irradiation can activate the melanocyte to produce the melanin and help the skin restore the color.

Vitiligo patients need avoid long term over exposure to the sunlight. Moreover, some physicians will also adopt special ultraviolet ray to treat vitiligo, it share with the same principle as the sunlight.

Mechanical stimulation, scratches, pressure and etc all the common factors can induce vitiligo such as the patients wear glasses will have vitiligo on the nose bridges and ears.

More over, some external factors such as frostbites, burns, surgeries and etc, these factors not only can make the part of the skin whiten, it also can lead the vitiligo on the far sites.

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