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Does The Color Of Vitiligo Patients restored Means It Cured

does the color of vitiligo restored means it curedDoes the vitiligo restore the color means it was cured? The restore color of the vitiligo depends on the melanocyte hair follicle. There are tow kinds of hair follicle melanocyte activity:one is the hair follicle matrix in the growth period and melanocyte have activity in the infundibular part. The other kind is the out of the hair follicle and in the hair root sheath melanocyte have no activity. The skin lesion of vitiligo that is there are no melanocyte with activity in the vitiligo sites, so it can not synthesis the melanin. Vitiligo pigment regeneration is the melanocyte have no pigment outside of the hair follicle and in the hair root sheath were activated, divided and generated and along the hair follicle from the end to the top and then come to the epidermis cross to the depigmentation areas result and have melanin regenerated and the vitiligo sites will restore the color.

The research proves that there are many melanocyte in the sleep state outside of the hair follicle and inside of the hair root sheath, under certain factors, these melanocyte will activated, that provide a melanocyte reservoir. That can explain those sites have no hair follicle structures such as in the mouth, lips, back of the fingers, in the hand palms and etc. In these parts, the color of vitiligo is hard to restore, because these parts lack of melanocyte reservoir.

Besides the normal melanocyte around the vitiligo sites move to the vitiligo sites is the important factor of the vitiligo regain the melanin and restore the color. The melanocyte move to the epidermal skin of the vitiligo finally situated in the basal layer of the epidermis and formed into melanin unit in the epidermis and maintain the normal skin color.

Vitiligo patients should insist the treatment, after their vitiligo cured, they also need to do a period of consolidation treatment, it is helpful to prevent the vitiligo relapse. Vitiligo patients even recovered from vitiligo, it’s immunity and trace elements obstruction still can not restore to the normal state, so even the vitiligo restore the color, the vitiligo patients also should do the consolidation treatment for a period, it can effectively prevent the vitiligo recurrent. If you have any question about does vitiligo will recurrent after it cured, welcome mail to


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