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Why Teenager Is The High Risk Group Of Vitiligo

why teenager is the high risk group of vitiligoIn recent year, there are more and more teenager got vitiligo. After research and survey, we found compared with adults, the teenagers more easily to get vitiligo. What causes that phenomenon?

Fist, the environmental factors.

In recently years, the environmental pollution is more and more heavily, it will cause great damage to the teenagers. There are also food contamination. There are also many teenagers love to eat snacks, long term eat foods contains much food addictive will lead to serious malnutrition and finally influence the melanin pigment synthesis and finally induce vitiligo.

Second is the external factors.

External injuries is one of the most important factors induce vitiligo. The kids in the teenager period is the age love to play with each other and often cause injuries in the skin. If the wounds not handled in timely, their wound might inflammation and finally influence the melanin synthesis and induce vitiligo.

Third is genetic factor.

Vitiligo have certain hereditary factor. If there are vitiligo patients in a family, so the teenager in that family vitiligo onset rate is higher than normal family members.

The fourth is the mental factors.

Teenager is under the development and growth period, they are easy to get different kinds of mental problems. Long term of mental damage, depression and emotion wave will induce the teenager endocrine disorder and influence their internal organs function and influence their melanin formation and increase the vitiligo onset rate.

The fifth is the irregular life style.

With the electrical productions universal, the cell phones and computers become their mainly companions, even their are some teenager frequently stay up too late and irregular life style will not only influence their immune function and endocrine disorder. Some pathological factors might cause their body immune function and endocrine unbalance and produce the anti melanocyte antibodies and cause their melanocyte damaged and lose which finally induce vitiligo. If you have any question about why the teenager is the high risk group of vitiligo, welcome mail to


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