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Does Vitiligo Related With Melanocyte Self Destruction

does vitiligo related with melanocyte self destructionDose vitiligo related with melanocyte self destruction? We all know melanocyte mainly function is to form melanin. The normal skin of us is the result of the melanin synthesis and metabolism. When the melanocyte function have obstruction or the melanocyte structure destroyed, the melanin formation will decrease and stop, but the melanin degradation and destroy still ongoing which result in the skin pigment color loss and induce vitiligo. The melanin can maintain the normal skin color of us, although vitiligo pathogenesis still remain unclear, a lot of data shows the melanocyte self destruction might one of the factors cause the vitiligo onset.

Some scholars point out the vitiligo onset because of the melanocyte hyperfunction and cause it consume and early recession. It also might the intermediate substances synthesize the melanin over produced and accumulated cause the vitiligo. But some scholars point out that when the melanocyte function destruction or the structure destroyed, the melanin formation will decrease or stop, the melanin degradation and destroy still ongoing which cause the skin color loss and cause vitiligo.

During the melanocyte self destruction process, there might have immunity reaction participate into it that not only destroyed the melanocyte but also become the antigen, via the immunity mechanism form the anti melanocyte antibody and make the melanocyte damaged by the immune function which form the pernicious circle, the melanocyte damaged number increased and more and more serious.

That can explain why the vitiligo onset rate in the people with darker skin color higher than the people with lighter skin color. We found the vitiligo onset and expand closely related with the seasonal factors especially during the late spring and early summer these period, the vitiligo patients easy to get new vitiligo. Their also vitiligo patients have over exposure to the sunlight history that also support the melanocyte self destruction theory.

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