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What Kind Of Vitiligo Patients Should Do Histopathological Examination

what kind of viitligo patients should od histopathological examinationWhat kind of vitiligo patients should do histopathological examination? The specialist in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital want to explain this question in detail for you.

What is histopathological examination? It is a pathomorphology method to examine the pathological changes of the organism, tissue and cells. We can adopt a method of pathological examination to examine their pathological changes, discuss the causes, pathogenesis, pathological start and development process and finally to make the pathological diagnosis.

The pathomorphology examination first to observe the pathological changes of the gross specimen and then cut out a pathological tissue, make it into the pathological section in the histopathological method and then examine the pathological changes under the microscope.

Vitiligo is a localized depigmentation disease caused by the melanin pigment metabolism disorder. It’s histopathological examination except the basal layer melanocyte and melanin particle number decreased or disappeared, there are no inflammatory reaction. In the normal condition, there are no need to do the histopathological examination.

The vitiligo patients can take the histopathological examination under the two situations I mentioned below.

For those depigmentation patches suspected as vitiligo after long term observe and still can not diagnose it as vitiligo or suspected have pernicious changes, this kind of vitiligo should take the histopathological examination. For those vitiligo long term treatment but can not get any treatment, this vitiligo can not say it is the complete vitiligo, the patients desperately want to find a cure, they also can consider to do the histopathological examination to evaluate the treatment effects of the new therapy.

It is necessary for the vitiligo patients to take some tests before and after their treatment. The doctor can find abnormal or potential visceral lesions and find out the causes and increase the cure rate, that is good for the vitiligo recovery. Generally through skin scan test, immunity abnormal test, trace element test, wood lamp test, blood test can comprehensively test the vitiligo. If you have any question about what kind of vitiligo patients should do histopathological examination, welcome mail to


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