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How Does The Vitiligo Start

how does the vitiligo startThe Chinese medicine and western medicine holds different views about the vitiligo formation.

Chinese medicine holds that genetic factor or meridian is poor, the qi and blood obstructed and the wind evil enter the body, with the time went by, the blood and qi disorder, the blood can not nutrition skin and finally form the white spots, because the wind is changeable, so the vitiligo spread quite fast. This disease at start present in white spots, have no common sites, so the Chinese medicine pay more attention to regulate the internal organs, qi and blood, to treat the whole body.

Their are many western medicine specialists holds that:

The reason form the vitiligo because of some physical and chemical factors cause the copper ion and tyrosinase relatively lack in the blood and make the skin can not get enough nutrition, the metabolic byproducts can not discharged in timely and cause the tyrosinase system function loss in the melanocyte between the epidermis and dermis and decreased or even inhibited the melanin generation, if add the negative stimulation interrupt in the outside, their resistance ability decrease and finally cause the vitiligo onset.

Spirit and nerve theory: this theory based on the melanocyte originate from the neural crest, the damage distribute along the nerve segments, the vitiligo skin receptor might have specific malnutrition changes, separate out a substance called melatonin, it can inhibit the melanocyte secrete the melanin and make it’s color lighter. The vitiligo skin lesion areas, the activities around their nerve ends increases and release the melatonin and the related substances which can decrease the melanin pigment ability and cause the disease.

The vitiligo formation factors are many, includes external injuries, scratches and other factors cause the skin damaged and form the isomorphic reaction of vitiligo and induce the vitiligo area expand.

The specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates that the vitiligo is a multifactorial disease, because it is hard to treat, single treatment often hard to get treatment effects, it need combine the traditional Chinese medicine with the western medicine, internal treatment and external treatment to treat vitiligo systemically. The best way is to make targeted treatment plan according to every vitiligo patient’s vitiligo condition and their physique.

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