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Theories About Vitiligo Inducements

theories about vitiligo inducementsVitiligo is a stubborn skin disease with unclear pathogenesis. Although it’s pathogenesis still remain unclear, but the inducements of vitiligo generally can boil down to the four theories I will mention in this article.

1. Autoimmune theory:

In recent years, there are some doctors observed the vitiligo patients and their relatives might accompany with other autoimmune diseases. The common diseases accompany with vitiligo are thyroid disease, diabetes, chronic adrenal insufficiency, pernicious anemia, arthritis, malignant melanoma and etc. The vitiligo patients much easy to get these diseases than normal people. They also found the anti thyroglobulin, anti smooth muscle, anti parietal cell abnormal in the serum of vitiligo patients. The vitiligo onset rate of the patients with these diseases is much higher than normal people. At present, many people agree with the vitiligo belongs to a autoimmune disease and the vitiligo closely related with the immunity disorder.

2. Melanocyte self destruction theory:

The basic lesion of vitiligo is the melanocyte in the epidermal skin partly or totally lost and induce the melanocyte and melanin particles in the epidermal skin decreased obviously. The intermediate substances in the melanin generation process are the phenol or polyphenol, these substances can inhibit the pigment synthesis in virtue of the ability of dopa can form the pigment. The experiments shows the phenol and polyphenol can damage the melanocyte.

3. The tyrosine and copper ion relatively lack theory:

The process of melanin production is a very complex biochemical process. The dopa is the predecessor of adrenaline and melanin, all these derived from tyrosine, formed after oxidation of tyrosine. When the people very nervous, their adrenaline can be consumed in large amount, in that time,the dopa mainly channel to the adrenaline synthesis while the melanin synthesis will be influenced, that is the rational analysis that the metal factors and other stress factors can induce vitiligo.

4. Genetic factors theory:

Some people holds that the vitiligo might a chromosome dominant heredity skin disease. We already found the monozygotic twins all can get vitiligo. The vitiligo onset rate in the relatives of vitiligo patients is about 18% to 40%.

Some vitiligo patients can not find out any inducements, we generally think their vitiligo onset induced by the genetic factor under the stimulation of external factors induce the endocrine, metabolic function and many aspects disorder and cause the tyrosinase system was inhibited or the melanocyte destroyed make the melanin generation obstruction and finally induce the vitiligo.

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