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The Mental Factors Can Not Ignored By Vitiligo Patients

the mental factors can no ignored by vitiligo patientsThe mental factors can not ignored by vitiligo patients. What about the relationship between mental factors and vitiligo? The mental factors play a very important role in our health. What is mental factors? The mental factors is the external stimulation that can engender people’s negative emotions like depression, anxiety and etc. It also called life incidents. The mental factors is very important to our health, it can not ignored by vitiligo patients.

There is a allusion in ancient China is self-created suspision, this allusion fully shows the influence of mental factors to our health and emotion. In the medical field, we called the diseases induced by self-creased suspision called mental factors, that is the emotion effects. People’s emotions is varies, the traditional Chinese medicine called it joy, anger, sorrow, thought, sadness, fear, surprise these seven emotions. That seven emotions all can influence people’s health. Such as excessive joy injuries the heart, anger injures the livers, anxiety injuries the spleen, sadness injures the lungs, fear injuries the kidneys. So mental factors play a vital role in the vitiligo treatment process, so the vitiligo patients can not ignore that point.

There are scholars in clinic carried out statistics, they found the mental factors occupy about 35% among all the factors. Some patients got vitiligo because of mental factors such as external stimulation, over stress, too much mental pressures, low spirits, mental depressions and etc.

Why mental factors can induce vitiligo?

1. Tyrosinase metabolic tract. From histogenesis point, the melanocyte and nerve cells all are the derivatives of the exoderm, the melanocyte synthesize the melanin under the effect of tyrosine, the nerve cells synthesize the catecholamines under the effect of tyrosine. The catecholamines very like dopa in the structure. When people under the stress state, the sympathetic nerve excited, the catecholamines synthesis increased, it will inhibit the melanin synthesis.

2. Nerve, endocrine and immunity tract. The research indicates that the mental stress can influence the central nerve system and immunity system interaction. This part realized by the hormone and neuropeptide. Many clinical cases shows that the vitiligo patients often accompany with different endocrine disorder and immunity function disorder, so we can indicates that the mental factor induce vitiligo very likely through the nerve-endocrine system induce immunity system disorder. So the mental factor is one of the important factors induce vitiligo, so it can not ignored by vitiligo patients.

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