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Does Vitiligo Is A Blood Disease

does vitiligo is a blood diseaseDoctors often encounter the question in clinic such as does vitiligo is a blood disease? Their are many vitiligo patients concerned about this question, what causes this question is related with the advertisement in the society. In the following part, I’d like to make a detailed introduction about this question.

Blood is a red and opaque viscous liquid fluid in our blood vessels and heart. There are many nutrients in the blood such as inorganic salts, oxygen, metabolic byproducts of cells, hormones, enzymes, antibodies and etc. These components contains nutrition tissues, regulate the organ activity and defense the harmful substances. The blood reserve our health information, so many diseases need to draw the blood to test, but this have nothing to do with the blood disease.

First I’d like to make it clear what is blood disease. Blood disease is a primary hemopoietic system disease, or the disease influence the hemopoietic system and accompany with the abnormal change of the blood. The blood disease have the symptom of anemia, hemorrhage, fever and etc. Hemopoietic system includes blood, bone marrow, mononuclear bone marrow includes macrophage system and lymphatic tissue, related with the pathogenesis and physiology of the hemopoietic system and disease with it’s main manifestation all belongs to blood disease.

All in all, we can know vitiligo is not a blood disease, it have nothing related with the hemopoietic system. Vitiligo caused by the tyrosinase activity in the melanocyte decreased or disappeared and cause the melanin generation progressive reduction or disappear and cause the localized or generalized depigmentation changes, it’s abnormal of the melanocyte function, structure and number in the skin cause the pigment cell secretion decreased, it’s a skin disease, even related with blood it’s can not called a blood disease.

This is the brief introduction about whether the vitiligo is a blood disease. If you want to know more about this question, welcome mail to


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