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Why Vitiligo Patients Should Avoid Intake Too Much Vitamin C

why vitiligo patients should avoid intake too much vitamin CIn this article, I’d like to talk about the topic why vitiligo patients should avoid intake too much vitamin C? This question, I’d like to make a brief introduction about this question in the following part.

First, I’d like to explain the meaning of vitamin C. Vitamin also called ascorbic acid, it is a kind of water soluble vitamin, it is relatively stable in the dry and no light environment. But after processed or cooked is easy to be destroyed, the vitamin C is quite easy to oxidased and decomposed.

The physiological effect of vitamin C is participate into the redox process, maintain the normal energy metabolism of the tissues and cells, adjust the redox process reaction in the cells. The effect of vitamin C to the skin is to inhibit the oxidation effect of the dopaquinone oxidation effect in the skin and make the dark color oxidation pigment restore into light color pigment and inhibit the melanin formation and pigment chronic precipitation.

During the melanin formation process, the tyrosine in the melanocyte under the tyrosinase effect changed into dopa, the dopa further oxidation into dopaquinone, the dopaquinone can synthesize the melanin pigment oxidation. During the reaction of the dopa change into dopaquinone add vitamin C can make the formed dopaquinone restore into dopa and the reaction can not continuing which stop the process of the dopaquinone formed into melanin.

Moreover, the vitamin C can influence the intestines absorb the copper ion and decrease the blue copper serum content which influence the tyrosinase activity and inhibit the melanin synthesis.

According to the principles I mentioned above, the vitiligo patients should carefully intake the vitamin C especially medication vitamin C. But the vitiligo patients have no need to worry too much about these, if they make sure their vitamin C intake content is not too much, their vitiligo will not suffer from much influence. There are many fruits and vegetables contains much vitamin c, but the vitiligo patients have no need to avoid eat all these foods, that go to another extreme. If you have any question about why vitiligo patients should avoid intake too much vitamin C, welcome mail to


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