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The Effect Of Melanocyte In The Vitiligo Onset Process

the effect of melanocyte in the vitiligo onset processIn this article, I’d like to talk about the effect of melanocyte in the vitiligo onset process. What is melanocyte? What about the relationship between the melanocyte, melanin and vitiligo? In the following part, I’d like to make a detailed introduction about this.

The melanocyte is a special cell in the skin. It can produce the melanin and pass on to the peripheral cutin and finally formed into cell. Melanin stay in these cutins and formed the melanocyte. Melanin stay in nucleus of the keratinocyte have protective effects. It can prevent the chromosomes suffer from the irradiation of the sunlight and damaged. In the epidermal skin of the normal people, a melanocyte can formed about 40 keratinocyte, it called the melanin formation unit in the epidermal skin. The color of the skin come from the melanin reserved in keratinocyte. Generally speaking, the people with more melanin reserved, their skin color is deeper, they are get more protect. But according to the research, the number of melanocyte in the people from different races have no obvious difference. The normal and healthy color skin is the result of the melanin synthesis and metabolism balance result.

The vitiligo pathogenesis related with the loss of the melanin pigment in a large amount. The amount of melanin not only decide the skin color difference but also is the critical substance of the vitiligo onset.

The reason there have pigment in the skin is there are melanocyte in the skin. The melanocyte construct and secrete the melanin. So melanocyte is a gland cell. But the biological construction of the melanin is quite complex, it through the chromosome which ins the immature melanin, tyrosinase, tyrosine presentation formed. The melanin synthesis, move and decrease process of the vitiligo, if there is any link have obstruction might influence it’s metabolism and influence the skin color changes. So melanocyte play a vital role in the vitiligo onset process.

Vitiligo is a chronic stubborn skin disease, it is quite hard to treat, so once the patients got the vitiligo, they should go to see the doctor as soon as possible and avoid only take some medicines or other single treatment. Vitiligo treated with systemic treatments will have better treatment effects.

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