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Which Industry Easy To Get Vitiligo

which industry easy to get vitiligoIn this article, I’d like to talk about people engaged in which industry easy to get vitiligo? We all knows that vitiligo can occur regardless of regions and races. The patients got vitiligo involved with every occupations such as workers, farmers, students, soldiers and etc. So generally speaking, the vitiligo onset rate have on obvious difference to the occupations.

But there are also found in clinic that some chemical substances have selective destroy effects to the melanocyte. It can cause the skin depigmentation. Such as the laboratory technicians in the hospital splashed drops of hydrogen peroxide or liquid nitrogen will induce their skin depigmentation and become permanent white spots. So the workers in the chemical plants, leather manufacturing industry, rubber factory and etc should do a good good in health care.

According to the experiments, the chemical substances such as tert butyl phenol, hydroquinone, hydroquinone single phenyl ether and etc can make the mice, dog, cat’s skin or fur depigmentation. So the industries such as resin industry, car industry, leather industry and etc which treat hydroquinone, hydroquinone single phenyl ether and etc as raw materials, the people engaged in these industries have higher chance to get vitiligo.

Vitiligo although have certain relationship with the job they in take, but it not very obvious. Genetic factor, nerve factor, chemical factor, copper ion relatively shortage, infectious factor, external injuries and etc all might induce vitiligo. But there also are some uncommon inducements in clinic.

1. Vitiligo caused by the recurrent of tonsillitis.

Many children got vitiligo because of tonsillitis recurrence. The tonsillitis recurrence can induce the stress reaction of the body, the stress system recurrent repeatedly is easy to induce vitiligo.

2. Vitiligo caused because of overtired.

Their are some activities such as military training, tourism and intense sunlight can cause the body have stress action damage. If our body have stress reaction damage, we whole body will activate the lymphocyte to anti the virus. It have no big problem in normal people, but if the person with poor immunity or some genetic causes are quite easy to get autoimmunity disease such as vitiligo.

The vitiligo patients should go to the specialist hospital to treat their vitiligo earlier once they get vitiligo. If you have any question about which industry easy to get vitiligo, welcome mail to


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