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How To Distinguish Vitiligo And Sweat Stain

how to distinguish vitiligo and sweat stainIn this article, I’d like to talk about how to distinguish vitiligo and sweat stain. Sweat stain also called tinea versicoeor, it is a skin disease easily confused with vitiligo especially in the early stage of vitiligo, the symptoms of vitiligo is not quite obvious, in that state, it is quite occur misdiagnosis.

What is sweat stain? The sweat stain is a skin disease caused by the fungus, the skin lesion mainly present in light white, most of the skin lesion present in circular or oval patches with unclear edge. The surface of the sweat stain often have many tiny scales so it also called tinea versicoeor. The surface of their skin can refract the light, the fungus can be found directly by the microscopic examination. The high risk group of sweat stain is the young people, the sweat stain mainly present in sites with high developed sebaceous gland such as chest, back, neck, upper arms and etc.

Vitiligo is an acquired chronic skin disease, it caused by the melanin pigment loss in the skin and form white spots rather than caused by fungus. The skin lesion of vitiligo can not found the fungus under the microscopic examination. Vitiligo often have no self-conscious symptoms, it easy to get red patches after over exposure to the intense sunlight even have blisters and burning pain feelings. After it infected the inflammatory, the vitiligo is larger than it original ranges. The skin lesion can occur in any part, but often in the back of the fingers, wrists, forearms, face, neck, sexual organ and around these areas. The skin lesion completely loss the pigment and present in porcelain white, the vitiligo white different sizes. The boundary of vitiligo is clear, there are pigmentation in the edge of vitiligo, the edge of vitiligo in the stable stage is quite clear, there are no scales in the surface of the vitiligo, too much sweat will not worsen their vitiligo.

Correctly distinguish the vitiligo and sweat stain is very important in the vitiligo differential diagnosis process, it is the basis of make the correct treatment plan. Vitiligo patients should avoid confuse their disease with sweat stains to avoid worsen and delay their vitiligo treatment. If you have any question about how to distinguish the vitiligo and sweat stains, welcome mail to


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