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The Relationship Between Immune Function And Vitiligo

the relationship between the immunity and vitiligoIn this article, I’d like to talk about the relationship between the immune function and the vitiligo. Immunity play a very important role in the vitiligo onset process. According to clinical observation, vitiligo patients sometimes accompany with other immunity diseases such as thyroid disease, connective tissue disease, immune multiple glandular syndrome and other autoimmunity disease. It proved that vitiligo related with the immune function.

With the development and research of immunity deepen, the relationship between the immunity and vitiligo arouse the attentions of many people. The relationship between the immunity and the vitiligo showed in several aspects.

1. There is a vitiligo called white spots bulge on the edge and the edge of the progressive white spots, we found lymphocyte and monocyte when do the tissue biopsy. These two cells related with the immune function.

2. Someone test the blood of vitiligo found there are anti melanocyte antibody and other immunity index changes.

3. The rate of vitiligo patients accompany with other autoimmunity diseases such as lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis or the rate of the patients with autoimmunity diseases accompany with vitiligo both higher than the normal people.

4. The isomorphic rate of vitiligo patients is quite high. We statistically analysis 904 vitiligo patients, there are 127 patients have isomorphic reaction occupy 14.1% in the whole number and worsen their vitiligo. The isomorphic reaction belongs to an autoimmunity phenomenon.

5. Corticosteroid treat vitiligo can achieve treatment effects and with the improvement and disappearance of the white spots, the abnormal immunity index in the blood also get improvement or become normal at the same time.

What I mentioned above proved that immune function closely related with vitiligo, many immunity disease can induce vitiligo, so the vitiligo patients in their daily life once found they have autoimmunity disease, they should pay attention to treat these diseases. If you have any question about the relationship between the immune function and vitiligo, welcome mail to


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